České vysoké učení technické v  Praze

“Four years ago, we were dealing with a big international educational project for which we needed a large number of translations into German. A colleague recommended Mrs. Dvořáková. It was a lucky tip: since then, she has translated many texts for us. Our cooperation continues to present and its longevity is an indicator of the extent of our satisfaction.”

Ing. Tomáš Zeman, Ph.D., Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Telecommunication Engineering

Cegelec a.s.

“Dear Mrs. Dvořáková,

We have been using your translation services for more than three years now. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your top-quality, linguistically outstanding translations from Czech into German. We especially appreciate your profound knowledge of German technical terminology in the field of electrical engineering for urban transportation. In addition, we highly value the timeliness and fulfilment of agreed deadlines of the ordered translations. I hope we can count on your cooperation in the future.”

Ing. Zdeněk Vytouš, Sales Director, Cegelec a.s.

Poll, s.r.o.

“We have been using the services of Ing. Alena Dvořáková for the translation of technical documentations in English and German for several years. The translations have always been highly specialised texts in the field of electrical engineering. These translations demonstrate a high level of expertise and accuracy. We greatly appreciate her professional approach regarding administration, the translation itself, meeting deadlines, and flexibility in communication. We applaud her awareness of the finest detail of our needs, which we would omit ourselves, and bringing these to our attention. We thoroughly recommend the services of Ing. Alena Dvořáková to all other customers.”

Ing. Miroslava Michálková, HR Partner, Poll, s.r.o.

Siigma Products, s.r.o.

“I had the honour to cooperate with Mrs. Alena Dvořáková on projects in Switzerland for several months. I have always admired her language skills and almost unbelievable ability to swiftly gain insight in very specific technical subjects. Thanks to that, misunderstandings in the negotiations with local experts were avoided which would have not been possible without a high-quality interpretation. The flawlessly translated technical texts in the delivered documentation also contributed to the positive impression of the demanding customer. I enjoy the cooperation with Mrs. Alena Dvořáková very much - and not only because of her sense of humour ;).”

Dr. Ing. Jiří Gerlich, Senior Developer, Siigma Products, s.r.o.

The National Institute for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection (SUJCHBO, v.v.i.)

The National Institute for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection (SUJCHBO, v.v.i.)

Feramat Cybernetics s.r.o.

Feramat Cybernetics s.r.o.