Fields of Translation

  • electrical engineering
  • electronic engineering
  • transportation engineering
  • telematics
  • information technology
  • physics
  • chemistry
  • trade
  • economics
  • marketing
  • human resources

Professional Experience

15 years of experience translating to and from English, German, and Czech in technical fields,

including 5 years of everyday communication with native speakers from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in the field of electrical engineering


University of Economics, Prague; field of study: Foreign Languages in Business Communication

state exam in English

state exam in German

Further Information


My motto is precision, comprehensibility, style. If the translator is able to understand the original text, the translation is easily comprehensible to the target group. As opposed to the possible loose translation of marketing texts, technical texts require that the translator abides by the original wording precisely. I strive to fulfill this in my technical translations every day.