Czech <-> German
Czech <-> English
400 CZK per “standard page” of translated text
English <-> German 520 CZK per “standard page” of translated text
(“standard page” = 1,800 characters of translated text including spaces)

A point of reference: a text in English is approximately 15 % longer than the Czech source, a text in German roughly 20 % longer. For instance, if you wanted to have 18,000 characters including spaces of Czech text translated into English, the price for the translation would amount to approximately 4,600 CZK.


150 CZK per “standard page”
(“standard page” = 1,800 characters of target text including spaces)

The text in the original language is needed to achieve good comprehensibility of the proofread text. You may want to use the proofreading services if you are not sure that a translation made by another translator has the desired quality and you wish to check whether the meaning and style of the original text was truly retained.


Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Open Office (Writer, Calc, Impress)
Adobe PDF (if you wish to retain the text formatting of the original text, an extra charge of 50 % is applicable)
further formats on demand


as agreed